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Friday, 20 September 2013

' Broken Eggs ' Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French 1725-1805) Oil on canvas, circa 1756. The Metropolitan Museum, New York.

'Broken Eggs '

'Broken Eggs' attracted favourable comment when exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1757. One critic noted that the young girl had a noble pose worthy of a history painter. It's pendant was 'The Neapolitan Gesture' of 1757, in which several of the same models appear, but the seducer is foiled by the old woman ( the broken eggs of the title symbolise the loss of the serving girls virginity )

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dolcepetitechoux@gmail.com said...

Just simply enjoyed looking at this each time you view it something else to see ,this could be a modern day kitchen,the looks would still be the same nothing changes .